Transil - Sand Testing Kit

The Transil is a unique, all-in-one, testing rig for the testing of chemically bonded foundry moulding sand. 


The Transil core maker produces a set of 8 'ribs' or better known in the foundry industry as core samples. These cores drop into a holder on the other side and then a force meter is used to manually apply pressure to the core sample untill it breaks meaning you can very easily test the physical strength of your moulding sand.


Comes complete with the Transil Test Rig, compact carry case, force meter with max reading of 300 newtons or 30kgs and a rubber mallet.


Sauter newton force meters are available should you wish to upgrade to a model that will plug into a PC to record force data and can be supplied with UKAS level Accreditation.  Ask for details. 

Transil - Sand Testing Kit

VAT Included