EXACTCAST Pro 20Kg M1 Bar Weight with Case

The new Premium Plus 20kg Calibration Weight is supplied with:

  • Increased level of accuracy
  • Painted in Zinc rich Primer and Durable Gloss Grey.
  • Traceable Certificate of Conformity
  • Stamped with Serial Number
  • Aluminium flight case. 


Cast iron is very scratch and chip resistent so will stay within calibration in dry, physically demanding environments. 


  • Standard OIML M1 Spec is +/- 1000mg
  • EXACTCAST Pro Tolerance is  +200mg



For UKAS Accredited weights they will be Stamped with a Serial Number before being submitted for testing. Please select which option you prefer and notify us what the serial number(s) are. 

EXACTCAST Pro 20Kg M1 Bar Weight with Case

VAT Included