Iron Man

In 1993, co-owner David started working in an iron foundry called Rudge Littley Ltd, West Bromwich and there, began a life long passion for the UK foundry industry.  His knowledge on casting processes (of which there are many) grew and he also moved into foundry management. 

He later began work for James W Shenton Ltd Iron Foundry, Tipton, where he launched an add-on to their existing portfolio of engineering castings and they began to make precision calibration weights for a wide range of industries and Trading Standards organisations. 

When James W Shenton shut in 2020, David felt it was vital someone picked up the gauntlet so the UK had a supplier of cast iron calibration weights but equally important was the support that cast iron weights sales could bring to a UK Iron Foundry so Caliw8 was born. 


Caliw8 does sell imported weights but these are weights no longer available from a UK manufacturer but where possible, they are always sourced from within the UK to limit the carbon foot print of manufactured goods.